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Website Maintenance And Support

Keep your website running fast and secure

Website Security and Protection

You have probably heard in the news the many cyber attacks that have caused grieve to many corporations. Your website is highly important and having your website affected by an attack could cause irreversible damage Keeping your site secure and protected is not easy and it requires a team of experts to help you keep it clean and safe. We know you are busy making sure your customers get quality of service let us focus on the safety of your site. ShyloTek has been able to clean many sites from this attacks and prevent many more. Our team of experts in the area are able to protect your site from malware, bad code, and unwanted visitors. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Removal of virus or hacks on your webpages
  • Protection against future attacks
  • Updates on your website code such patches and others
  • Consulting and evaluation of current security on your site
  • Etc