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Outsourced CTO Services in Orange County California

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Outsourced CTO Services in Orange County California

Our Outsourced CTO services in orange county California, is the right answer for many startups and small businesses, whom may not need a full-time IT leadership staff but want to be able to strategize their future IT initiatives. As a small business, you want to focus on what matters to you, weather this means developing an idea, product or service. Information Technology shouldn’t be getting in the way of your creativity. You understand that technology is the primary gear of any business, the gear which allows it to move forward. Your core infrastructure should be reliable, functional and adaptive to your needs and not the other way around.
Our Outsourced CTO services in Orange County California, gives you the freedom to work on what matters to you, while having an IT infrastructure that works well when needed and that will grow with your business.


What is our Outsourced CTO services in orange county California?

This service focuses on the big picture, utilizing the current infrastructure that you have, to make sure it’s serving you well. If the current IT infrastructure is not working for your business, we analyze and understand your business goals, objectives and strategize the right solution together.

We will make sure that you have or acquire the right technology pieces that will work in unison and will give you the best return for your investment. Weather this mean people, hardware, software or any other IT related asset, we will advise on the right strategic approach.

Who is Outsourced CTO services fit for?

We have identified a need in small business and startups, for experienced, business minded, and technology driven individuals who are passionate about helping businesses grow. As a small business or startup is hard to budget for a dedicated CTO or IT director, who has the right experience, mindset, and passion for a functional IT department.

Our team of experienced CTO/IT Directors have worked for big and small enterprises in different areas. This allows for a holistic approach as we strategize your IT business goals together.

What are some of the services included with this solution?
  • IT strategic planning
  • IT infrastructure assessment
  • IT environment optimization
  • Strategic technology related acquisitions
  • Cyber security strategies
  • Marketing technology planning
  • Etc…

What is small business or startup?

We focused on small business and startups because we are passionate about helping organizations grow strategically without breaking the bank.

A small business is an organization from 1 to 200 employees who do not currently have a dedicated CTO or IT director, but need to think strategically about their IT initiatives.

How affordable are your Outsourced CTO services?
Outsourced CTO services was never intended as the mean for our founder to get rich, and money has never been the driver of our solutions. Our passion is in technology, people and helping organizations succeed. Money is just a natural outcome of the value we add, but it will never be the motivation for what we do. For this reason, our services will always be affordable to any organization that we work with.