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Legal Notice

  • Payments for services or projects must be submitted in two 50% each. The first will be at the beginning of the project and 50% at the end of this. We will send an invoice once the two payments are received.
  • No deposit will be refundable or transferable
  • The desired service or project will only be initiated once ShyloTek has received the first payment of 50%
  • The hosting and domain will be registered with a third Party/another Company, which has its own restrictions and disclaimers. We advice you visit their disclaimer/legal notice page or contact them directly for more details. This company has overall responsibility for the operation of hosting and not ShyloTek. If the customer already has a domain hosting registered, such information shall be provided to ShyloTek to work on the project.
  • If the website requires images, text or any other content, this should be provided by the customer. Such shall adhere to the copyright laws and ShyloTek is not responsible otherwise. If the client does not have this type of information and needs ShyloTek to make changes, edits, or creation of such, this will be done knowing that there may be extra charges.
  • Once an agreement its reached on the amount, name and configuration pages ShyloTek will initiate the creation of such and if there are changes after this, there will be corresponding charges.
  • ShyloTek reserves the right to refuse or deny any service/requests to any company that ShyloTek feels goes against its ethical values. These sites may include but are not limited to pornographic sites, sites that promote hate, racism or other sites of anarchy, hacking etc.
  • If ShyloTek does not receive full payment of the agreed project ShyloTek reserves the right to cancel the project and it will become owner of the site and the domain. (New domains only that were purchased by the agreed project)

*This legal statement it’s subject to change without prior notice.