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Google Products

Google Friendly Sites

With the creation of Google came a big revolution in the world of technology. Google products are a great tool for website owners. These products allow you to establish a stronger presence on the web securely and most of the time freely.

Unfortunately although the majority of this products are free they can be hard to understand and configure, and this is where ShyloTek can help. We have worked with this products for many years and have seen the benefits of using them to their full potential.

Here are some of the services we can help you with:

Google Analytics

This is one of the greatest products Google offers to website owners. It provides a granular and informative platform where you can see how and where your users are going within your site. You can get reporting about the pages visited, where they are finding you, what marketing strategies are working on the web, and many other useful data. Contact us today for more information.


This is one of the paid services from Google but give you almost instant results. With this service you can create a marketing campaign that could translate into dollars for your organization. With this product from Google you can create ads that will automatically show on the top results with out a need for SEO optimization of your site. Unfortunately there is a fee from Google but many take advantage of this feature to attract more customers.

Google Maps

A very important part of your business it’s making sure your customers know where you are located in the map. Google Maps provides with a platform where you can show your location or locations, hours of operation and its great for when people look for a place like yours on the map. We have seen increase in calls, visits and revenue by just configuring this right.


There are many that can see YouTube as just a place where people waste time however, this is a great marketing tool that many have used to their advantage. Knowing how to create videos that engange the community is a great way to bring more customers and expand your brand. Creating a YouTube channel is a great way to get this started. Let us help you take advantage of this service.