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About ShyloTek

Our organization has been created with a passion and dream in mind, to allow organizations focus on their vision, mission, and what they love, without IT becoming a roadblock to achieving their dreams. Our driver is seeing organizations thrive as a result of our consulting, technical delivery, and strategic approach to technology.
ShyloTek’s approach allows organizations to use technology to their advantage, allowing processes to become easier, leverage automation, and focusing on secure environments that provide stable systems. Our background and experienced which is business focus which gives us an advantage. We understand the many pieces of the puzzle that make a company run smoothly such as, servers and storage that provide a redundant environment, a solid network infrastructure, wireless connectivity and communications for the ever-growing IOT world, end-user computing for your corporation, website designs, online marketing, and much more.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope to not only start a professional relationship but a friendship that will last forever.

Our Values


ShyloTek delivers on the basic principle that honesty is always the foundation of any communication and project delivery.

In ShyloTek we take pride in our work and we value our commitment to our customers

When the unexpected surprises of life bring unplanned results, ShyloTek takes ownership of the projects we deliver and see them through to the finish line.

At ShyloTek we maintain high standards in every communication whether this happens in person or electronically.

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